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DateGoWhere is your new buddy to find the best places, activities and events to bring your valentine. While HungryGoWhere is your buddy to find the best food in town, DateGoWhere is conceived to solve your dating woes. Well, it can’t solve all your dating woes but it should do all right to help you plan your next date! Let DatingGoWhere do the brain wrecking for your next date while you sit back and take the credit. Marvelous!

DateGoWhere for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on the iTunes App Store

2359 Media | Mobile Application Development

Developer: 2359 Media
Price: Free
Platform: iOS, Android
Review version: 2.0
Device reviewed on: Apple iPhone 4S 

From the guy’s perspective, DateGoWhere is the perfect wingman when it comes to planning your next date. Research have shown that men are responsible for planning 9 out of 10 dates (Nah, we are just kidding.. seriously, do you need a research to tell you that?). With over 80 dating ideas packed in one powerful app, you won’t have to wreck your brains out to plan something special for your valentine.  The app even goes the extra mile to help you narrow down your date planning. Categorizing the activities into Chill Out, Outdoors, Nature and Culture, DateGoWhere tailors to your mood and dating needs.


Here’s a few scenario where DateGoWhere will come in handy:


Scenario #1:

You are caught in a situation where your original dating plan is disrupted and you are forced to come up with something else to do impromptu. Caught by surprise and without a plan B, you are suddenly left helpless (and perhaps love-less if you can’t think of something fast)


With DateGoWhere, all you have to do is fire up the app for some guidance on your next course of action.

If only life is that simple

If only life is that simple

Scenario #2:

You and your date have been following this routine like its set in stone: Dinner,  Movie, Dessert. Well its time to spice things up even if your date hasn’t already screamed out at you.


At first, it might be daunting to go out of your comfort zone and plan something entirely new. Well, DateGoWhere is here to help. Run through the list of date ideas for something that might interest you and your partner. How about participating in some sports and outdoor activities? DateGoWhere knows just the place to go out and have some outdoor fun!


Scenerio #3:

You just started dating a hot chick and she happens to be the artsy type. Try as you might, chances are if you aren’t so arts inclined it would be difficult to plan activities to impress her. You will probably be at a loss where to bring your date.


Fret not. Fire up DateGoWhere and tab on “Culture” to generate a list of activities ranging from art gallery visits to historical trails.

Dating Tip #67: Everyone likes a man (or a woman) with a plan

Dating Tip #67: Everyone likes a man (or a woman) with a plan

While we admit the date ideas aren’t exactly spectacular, it still serves as a great springboard to get your creative thought processes going given the wide range of suggested activities the app throws at you. I’d advice using these date ideas as an inspiration or starter to plan your next date.

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DateGoWhere isn’t just designed for couples. The app comes packed with a variety of news and updates on dating events happening around Singapore. With events such as speed dating and casual guided tours organized specifically for singles to meet and mingle, DateGoWhere leaves no one behind. With detailed information such as event itineraries and registration guides available DateGoWhere is your one-stop app to keep abreast with dating events.

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On top of that, DateGoWhere understands that date ideas and dating events aren’t enough. The app is also your love guru. Keeping you informed with romantic guides and tips via a series of duet magazines, you don’t have to look further for dating advice. Topics ranging from basic “Do’s and Don’ts of first dates” to “tips on how to add colour to your  romantic experiences” are available from the duet tab.

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Overall, DateGoWhere is a well-meaning app that aims to be a one-stop app for both singles and couples alike to plan dates, seek dating advice etc. While the app is limited in scope with its content specifically catered to Singapore, its concept as a date ideas generator is new and novel with possible application to other countries as well.

With an easy-to-use and pleasant to the eye interface, the app is a job well done on the part of the app developers. We felt that the app could have done more to engage its user by opening avenues for users to suggest their own special date ideas. This will not only add variety and boost content to its date ideas “bank” but also keep users coming back to the app to check out experiences shared by other love birds.