Even if you live in seclusion, you couldn’t have ignored all the beautiful decorations everywhere ushering in the coming Chinese New Year. 

This time of the year is usually accompanied by big family gatherings. We all know that despite loving our relatives, sometimes it’s not that easy (Hi Mom!). Thankfully, technology is here to assist you!

We have selected the 5 best mobile apps (or a bit more) to help you survive CNY in (relative) peace.

Facing and handling the questions from all the aunties 

‘Getting married already not?’ ‘You came alone?’ ‘Why no girlfriend?’. Every single young adult would probably be caught in this awkward situation and a lot of self justification would be needed to explain why you’re single and it’s totally not because you’re unattractive (duh).

The solution for the ladies has arrived, what about getting a fake boyfriend? You can show text messages of your pretended lover. Not good enough?  Go for ‘Rent a Gent’ and bring him to your reunion dinner. Don’t forget his name though, it’s a huge tell. 

Don’t be ashamed of your Chinese.

Ah Gong corrects yourself every two sentences because ‘Your Chinese is so bad, who taught you to speak like this leh?’
Take few minutes to train and improve your Chinese with this Chinese dictionary mobile app. Soon you’ll be spitting out those idioms and impressing all the relatives that always thought that you’re the “jiak gang dang” kid (in other words you only speak english)

Now that your Chinese has improved, you’ll probably want to know more about the Chinese culture.

One of the recurring conversation during these family gatherings is  would probably be when would your wedding take place (as now you have a (fake?) boyfriend, remember?) or when will you move to once you’re married. Don’t be the quiet one, check the Chinese Almanac mobile app to get the most auspicious or inauspicious day. 

A bit bored? Entertain yourself staying in the topic

Choose related activities so that your relatives can’t really complain that you are not participating in the meaningful debates going on.
You have a choice between a cute dancing sheep game which catches Hong Bao, it should keep busy long enough your little cousin to make him forget the small amount you put in his Hong Bao.
If he really wants more red envelopes, let him play with ‘Gimme Red Envelope’. A simple but yet addictive game.
Make also use of all the CNY themes pictures frames to make the family pictures a bit funnier

Let’s take care of this cute love handle

4 days of heavy eating is not going to stay unpunished.
All the pineapple tarts, the bak kwa and the love letters have now taken up residence on your hips and/or stomach. However, you can choose to ignore them, but I have tried this before, it is not making them leaving. So better start the year of the Goat in great shape and just download one the fitness tracker and motivator available. Our fav are Challenges -to keep motivation , the famous Runkeeper -to keep track of your efforts and Pocket Yoga.

Having said that, we wish you a very prosperous new year, and enjoy these precious family moments!