Singapore amongst the top to hire tech talent, 2359 an SME amongst titans

Singapore, January 16, 2019: The tech industry in Singapore has much to celebrate this new year. As per Straits Times’ coverage, Singapore’s “highly educated workforce, proximity to large Asian markets and pro-tech-investment policy stance” is putting it on the tech fast-track and making it the go-to destination for experienced tech talent. A report released by Glassdoor, and based on job postings on its platform, revealed that tech industry hires overtook those in the financial sector in 2018.

The year began with heartening news for 2359, with a Straits Times article naming the SME in Glassdoor rankings among Singapore’s Top 10 Tech Employers, making it the only SME in the category, alongside Google, SAP, Cisco Systems, AMD, and Salesforce. The company, which turns 10 this year, has 120 employees globally, with 57 of them in Singapore, and prides itself on growing great talent and excellent software development that fuses design, tech and business. Comprised of a young and dynamic team, it has made a name for itself in the tech sector, particularly in corporate innovation with mobile/web apps and artificial intelligence/natural language processing in chatbots.

According to Wong Hong Ting, CEO and Co-founder, “More so than achieving milestones as a company, witnessing the growth of our company’s best and brightest has been an immensely rewarding journey. Our care and attention towards the charting of each individual’s career growth and skill development has paid off in sustainable excellence, evident in the quality of our work. We are humbled and encouraged to be recognized amongst other industry titans today, but talent development is a long-term undertaking, one that will define our company strategy as we move into our second decade together.”

Hong Ting’s words resonate with his team and is backed by low employee turnover rates, notable clientele, a culture of ownership and a highly innovative team undaunted by setbacks and change. If you are interested in learning more, drop them an e-mail at or call them at +65 6222 2359.

Top 10 tech employers as per report

- ViSenze
- VMware
- LinkedIn
- Cisco Systems
- Google
- 2359 Media
- PayPal
- Salesforce