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Singapore Grand Prix
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Singapore GP




Singapore GP worked with us to revamp their app for a brand new experience. The app has a few key features to allow users to view racing schedules during the three-day event. Users can add race and entertainment timings into their own schedule and plan their schedule accordingly, where on the race day itself, they’ll receive push notifications when the race or entertainments of their interest are about to start. The interactive map that we have built in, allows users to view the key facilities that are available, e,g, Grandstands, stages, F&B, and more importantly, where the restrooms are. This gives users the ability to easily navigate through the event spaces.


Tasked to perform a major revamp to the Singapore GP Mobile App, we thoroughly analysed the existing source code, architecture and server and concluded that there was a need to rebuild the entire system. The existing system contained legacy issues that could have prevented us from ideating on what’s best and possible for the revamped app. To enable the Singapore GP team to update the content on both the website and the mobile app simultaneously, there was a need to synchronise certain content between the website and the new mobile app; This was done by bridging the gap between our new cloud server, and the existing on-premise server that is supporting the website. However, as there was no API, we built an API server app for the existing server to perform the required synchronisation, effectively removing the hassle of having to update content on both the website and the mobile app separately. As the Singapore GP app was built to cater the massive 3-day event, there were several uncommon challenges that surfaced while we were designing our user journey. One of them that users could face poor 4G internet coverage due to the high concentration of users on the event ground. With that insight, we made it mandatory to build offline mode for the app to stay relevant to the users in such an unpredictable connectivity condition. This was achieved by identifying the essential features of the app that needed to be available during offline mode and can be successfully implemented and tested within the challenging timeline. With the revamped system, there was also a need to balance between super features and the specification limitations of the mobile device the users are holding. As the app was built to cater to a wide range of users, while building the app, we had to keep in mind of those users who are still holding on to older phone models with lower system specifications. In order to support the interactive map feature that demanded a very high hardware performance, we tested and iterated our development so as to optimise the RAM requirement using the "Partial Render" technology, bringing the hardware requirements down to 50% of what was originally required. The made the feature stable and usable for all commonly used mobile devices in the market.

Palette and Layout
Palette & Layout

We followed the colours of Singapore GP to allow it to fit within their branding guidelines. The colours we selected was close to the colours of the website to provide a more seamless experience visually from web to app. In terms of styling, we updated the look of the maps to declutter and compartmentalise segments for a better user experience.

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Within a week of launch without marketing, we garnered over 3000 new users; with an increase to the App Store rating; climbing the charts from 63 in sports category to number 1. With our engagement strategy, we’ve managed to garner over 300% increment in terms of engagement and participation.

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